RadRails 即將納入 Aptana 的控制下

RadRails 這個最早出現的 Open Source Rails IDE ,最近宣佈他們即將把控制權交給 Aptana 這個 Project。

Aptana 是一個 Eclipse Based 的 HTML,CSS,Javscript IDE,加入了 RadRails 也代表著除了 Aptana 原本強項的 HTML/CSS/JS編輯外,也一定會納入 Ruby on Rails 整合。

RadRails 官方早在幾天前就發表他們需要更多人手支援,並且他們不能夠再 Full Time OpenSource 下去了。也該是想想 RadRails 的未來怎麼走更好的時候了。
The bottom line to all of this is that Matt and I can't provide the same kind of commitment that we once could. Like or not, RadRails is not a business. We've been working our asses off on a startup for the past few months and RadRails has suffered as a result. I wish things were different and we could sit back and work on open source all day but that is just not the reality anymore.
I chose to come out and face our problems head on rather than hide from the obvious.

RadRails 雖然讓出了控制權,但是 RadRails 帶給我們的,卻是一連串的 Free Solution,包含 NetBeans,IntelliJ。
We've set a trend for Rails specific tooling that can now be seen in other IDEs such as Netbeans and IntelliJ. In many ways we've accomplished what we initially set out to do and 18 months later there is not just one Rails IDE, but close to a dozen free solutions.

不管如何,RadRails,Aptana 都是 Eclipse Base 的 IDE,也都是 EPL License,相互整合可說是沒有太多問題。Aptana 官方也馬上宣佈很快的就會有 Boundle 出現,並且 Aptana Team 的目標就是將兩者最初更加緊密的整合。
Initially, you’ll see some immediate bundling of the products, and then we’ll work on making a tighter integration as time goes on.
我對這件事情是抱持著相當正面的態度,Aptana 的 View 端 IDE 加上 RadRails 對於 Ruby on Rails 能力,相信可以做出相當不錯的 IDE Solution。