Rails Conf 2007 開放註冊,要搶要快

Rails 社群一年一度的大拜拜開放註冊了,時間是五月17 ~20,地點是 Portland Oregon。 價錢就別說了....好貴呀。不過要搶要快,開放註冊幾個小時之後, 1/3 的位子已經不見了

本次 Rails Conf Tutorial 大致上是
  • Intro to Test-Driven Development for Rails
  • Scaling a Rails Application from the Bottom Up
  • Is JavaScript Overrated? Or: How I Stopped Worrying and Put Prototype and script.aculo.us to Full Use
  • Your First Day with JRuby on Rails
  • Streamlined
  • Harnessing Capistrano
  • Rails Routing Roundup
  • When V is for Vexing; Patterns to DRY up Your Views
基本上所有 Ruby 界有頭有臉的人物都會出席。主講人陣容堅強,David 三兄弟,Jim Weirich(Gem開發者),Jamis Buck(Capistrano開發者),Chad Fowler(Ruby Central, Inc 創辦人之一),Thomas Fuchs( script.aculo.us 開發者)....等等。