jRuby on Rails almost Ready

我從來不是 SUN 的擁護者,但是 SUN 自從全職聘請 jRuby 作者開發 jRuby 之後,開發進度實在是驚人的快呀。JRuby 作者Charles Oliver Nutter 最近廣招測試者來測試 jRuby ,並且告訴大家,距離 jRuby 支援 Ruby on Rails 只有一步之遙。

  • ActionPack is now "practically" 100% working, minus a test or two we can't support and a few tests that are broken or that run fine in isolation (it would be nice to know *why* those fail)
  • ActiveSupport is well above 95% passing
  • ActiveRecord is in the 90% range passing with MySQL and in the 80% range with Derby
這篇講解了一些如何在 Mac OS X Tiger 上面使用 jRuby 的方式。