Orielly 書市報告:Ruby 銷售還在暴漲

2006年 Q3 的 O'Reilly 書市報告出來了 ,Ruby 一如預料的銷售量還在暴漲,成長幅度約為 255% ,雖然沒有上上次 1500%,以及上次的 687%嚇死人的成長率,但是依舊是 Programming Language 成長率第一名。
而書籍總銷售量的部份,Ruby 書籍銷售量在2005 Q4 超過 Python,2006 Q3超過 Perl 。不過離 Javascript 跟 PHP 書籍還有一段路要走。

而 Ruby on Rails 書籍細部的部份
Ruby on Rails, another relatively new category, has also become very competitive. The Pragmatic Programmers' initial groundbreaking book, Agile Web Development with Rails, which once had the market to itself, now competes with at least three other titles, including the Prags' own Rails Recipes and Manning's Ruby for Rails O'Reilly's Ruby on Rails: Up and Running has taken the top spot, but the book is too new to know whether or not its sales level will stick.
Ruby on Rails 終於成為 Web Design 其中一個分類了(之前只有一兩本書不能當作一個分類)。Agile Web Development with Rails 也不再壟斷市場,他受到 Rails Recipes ,Ruby for Rails ,Ruby on Rails : up and Running 這三本書的競爭。

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