Rails Is A Ghetto

先說好,Mongrel 是一個 Team ,所以 Zed Shaw 的離開不代表 Mongrel 的停擺,不過該開始尋求更好的 Application Server 摟。

Zed Shaw (Mongrel 的作者)在去年的 12/15號宣告他封鍵盤,不再 Coding 了。然後又在去年的最後一天發表了一篇攻擊性言論相當強的文章,Rails is a Ghetto。裡面提到許多 Rails 社群的不良行為,並且用相當攻擊性的語氣來批評這些行為。這對 Rails 社群的確有很大的傷害,不過有多大那很難說。

Zed Shaw 宣佈他不是 Ruby Guy,並且想轉向 Python,Factor,Lua 等語言看看。
"This is that rant. It is part of my grand exit strategy from the Ruby and Rails community. I don't want to be a 'Ruby guy' anymore, and will probably start getting into more Python, Factor, and Lua in the coming months. I've got about three or four more projects in the works that will use all of those and not much Ruby planned. This rant is full of stories about companies and people who've either pissed in my cheerios somehow or screwed over friends. I can back all of them up from emails, IRC chat logs, or with witnesses. Nothing in here is a lie unless it's really obviously a lie through exaggeration, and there's a lot of my opinion as well."
大家想看去看原文吧 :) 。你不用去期待裡面有啥技術,Performance ,語言架構的比較。裡面只罵人跟公司(ThoughtWork)。我很不喜歡這篇文章,因為語氣不只是差,還有許多人身攻擊
Dave Thomas Ain’t No Sammy Sosa (He’s Just Fat)
之類的話語。更讓我覺得 Zed Shaw 的 EQ 似乎不是很好。

不過,Zed Shaw 對於 Ruby on Rails 的社群貢獻是毋庸置疑的,至少讓我對你唱一句
Goodbye My Love,我的愛人再見
祝你在新的社群有好的發展,還有 Ruby 社群沒有加蓋,你在外面受到不好的遭遇可以游回來呀。

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