Martin Fowler 認為 DHH 跟 Kent Beck 同等地位

Martin Fowler(知名的IT作者) 在這篇文章 提到
他認為Rails的作者 David Heinemeier Hansson 已經跟提出XP programming 概念的 Kent Back 同等地位

Rails will do what it does, and will not complicate itself to support things it doesn't like.
Rails 會專注他想達成的事情,並且不會引入一些他認為不重要的事情來將 Rails 複雜化

In this sense I see a startling parallel between DHH and Kent Beck. For either of them,if you present them with a constrained world, they'll look at constraints we take for granted, consider them to be unessential, and create a world without them.
他認為Rails的作者 David Heinemeier Hansson 已經跟 Kent Back 同等地位

That's why they can create things like Extreme Programming and Rails which really give the industry a jolt.
這也是為什麼他們會創造出像是 Extreme Programming 或是 Rails 這種翻動業界的事情